Kemp Williams — Gossip, Idiot, Hypocrite

Grace Episcopal Alexandria -- Kemp Williams

Thinking about checking out Grace Episcopal Church in Alexandria? If so, you’ll want to learn more about Kemp Williams, who is a regular in the vestry rota. He’s also an openly gay parishioner, and touts the church’s inclusivity. But there’s another side to Kemp, and that side is ugly indeed.

Several years ago, I wound up in a kerfuffle and litigation with the church, which extends to this day. At issue was a blog published by my mother, which she repeatedly acknowledged in writing. That was an acknowledgement profoundly counter to her self-interest, for the parish was threatening to sue her for defamation, even as she moved through the final phases of terminal illness.

But Kemp, who didn’t even know about mom’s blog until perjuring priest Bob Malm, then the rector of the church, told him about it. And Kemp decided that all evidence to the contrary notwithstanding, he knew better, and that Mom’s blog was actually written by me. In various emails to Bob Malm, Kemp opined that I am mentally ill, potentially violent, and made a whole bunch of comments that were none of his business.

Tellingly, Kemp has never had the integrity directly to talk to me about his apparent concerns, instead of about me to others. In other words, he’s a gossip. And while mental health professionals cannot (and ethically are required not to) diagnose a patient absent an examination, Gossip Queen Kemp is not constrained by any such issues. No, indeed. Kemp knows better than mental health professionals, and his conclusions are both irrational and not the sort of thing one should expect from a former friend or a fellow church member.

Even more ironically, while he weighs in on his perceptions of others, he’s quick to add that he believes in repentance and all that, conveniently ignoring Jesus’ admonition about the log in one’s own eye.

So, while Kemp is quick to praise the church’s inclusion, he forgets that inclusion is not a good thing when it involves a situation rife with misconduct and hypocrisy. And in that regard, Kemp appears to utterly lack any introspection as to his own conduct.

And for the record, I do not appreciate idiotic trailer park trash like Kemp calling my mother a liar, even as she is dying. But as with the other so-called leaders at Grace Church, no one at the church sees anything wrong with Kemp’s conduct. And that is because Grace Episcopal Alexandria is a toxic cesspool. Moreover, I note that while Kemp is quick to weigh in with his opinion about my mental health, the rampant clericalism at Grace Church apparently prevents Kemp from publicly expressing his views about Bob Malm’s perjury and other misconduct.

Kemp is employed by Rosoka Software, a company that does NLP (natural language processing) for the National Security Agency and other big data entities.

Lastly, this site is not an official Grace Episcopal publication, and is in no way affiliated, sponsored, or endorsed by the parish, the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, or Kemp Williams.